Healthy Forests

A healthy forest is defined by conditions that provide a positive experience by humans, and supports sustainable ecological processes. In short, a healthy forest should provide movement for critters and humans, and support a variety of vegetation in a healthy manner. Trees have room to spread and grow, streams are open and clear, and vegetation is native.

Forests become unhealthy by excessive deadfall and overgrowth, pest invasion, or invasive plant infestation.

Fire is nature’s way of eliminating those three factors of an unhealthy forest: overgrowth, pest and invasive plant infestation.

The Custer Gallatin National Forest, particularly around the Bozeman Municipal Watershed, has not seen a major fire event in many years. Based on fire history studies in adjacent areas there have been no major fires in the area in at least 100+ years. Prior to that, 9-11 year fire return intervals were recorded by fire scars.

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