Project Timeline



  • Logging operations are very active in the Moser area including both tractor based and skyline logging.
  • Timber hauling via log truck on FS roads #6210, #6213, and down Hyalite Canyon.
  • Heavy equipment has been used to fell, skid, and process timber.
  • Closure at lower Moser ridge area above Kirk Hill at the FS boundary (closed effective January 26th) is lifted as of April 1, 2022.
  • Skyline logging activities will resume June 1, 2022.
  • Temporary roads will be rehabbed after all logging is complete in the area.

May 2022

  • Small diameter tree thinning with chainsaws in Leverich Gulch
  • Small diameter tree thinning in Moser Creek and Leverich Gulch will continue into the summer/fall
  • Thinned woody material will be piled in select areas away from trails
  • Piles will be burned next year in the late fall/winter, when conditions allow

June 2022

  • Pre-haul road maintenance on the Moser Roads will occur this summer
  • Skyline yarding will occur in Moser area into July
  • Small diameter tree thinning and piling in Moser Creek and Leverich Gulch
  • All ground-based tractor logging units are complete
  • More than 400 acres of small diameter thinning is currently occurring, and will be implemented throughout the summer. This work is completed by hand-crews, leaving small piles throughout the under story. The piles will then be treated with prescribed fire during the winter months.
  • Log decks from last winter and from the skyline logging will be hauled out this summer
  • Additional tree marking and contract preparation for future helicopter treatments will be occurring this summer